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How to create and use a job/transformation repository in GeoKettle?

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With the release of GeoKettle 2.0-RC1, various tools (wiki, trac, forum, …) have been set up and made available for supporting the community interested in open source projects hosted on and developed by Spatialytics.

This blog post initiates a series of documentation posts that should help users and developers in better mastering GeoKettle. It will be followed week after week by different tutorials, how-to, tips and tricks that will detail some specific and interesting capabilities offered by this open source spatial ETL tool.

This first post deals with the creation and usage of a job/transformation repository. It is a very powerful and exclusive but not so known feature of GeoKettle. A repository in GeoKettle lets you create a common workspace where to share jobs and transformations between different users across your organization. It is a practical way for some users to collaboratively work on a data integration process and to keep track of changes on the jobs and transformations during time. As it allows the centralisation of jobs and transformations in a shared repository, it avoids having different versions of a same transformation on various computers, which often results in the users finally do not know anymore what is the right and up-to-date version of the transformation.

To know more and especially how to create and use such a job/transformation repository in GeoKettle, please visit the associated documentation page on the wiki.

Hope it helps and do not hesitate to provide us with feedbacks or ask questions on the forum.

The presentation I gave at the Location Intelligence Conference 2009 (#LI09) is now on

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The presentation I gave at the Location Intelligence Conference 2009 is now on

The title was : “Demonstrating the Benefits of Open Source Geospatial Business Intelligence

The plan of this presentation was :
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Spatialytics will be present at Geomatics 2009 (#geo09), Oct. 21 and 22

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Spatialytics will be present at Geomatics 2009 and talk about This is an event organized by the Montreal Chapter of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG) that will be held October 21 and 22 in Montreal at the Hilton Montréal Bonnaventure hotel. This Conference comes back every two years.

Luc Vaillancourt will give a presentation (in French) with the title “GeoKettle and GeoMondrian: an Open Source Geo-BI suite“, Wednesday Oct. 21 at 2:55 PM in the “Verdun”conference room.

More information by visiting the Event Website.

Spatialytics presents projects at Location Intelligence Conference 2009

| October 9th, 2009 | 1 Comment »

Luc Vaillancourt, co-founder and CEO of the new company Spatialytics Solutions inc. (Spatialytics), did a presentation of Geo-BI Open Source projects at LIC 2009 (Location Intelligence Conference) last week at Westminster, CO. Mr. Vaillancourt had to replace Dr. Thierry Badard who originally was representing his research team GeoSOA of Laval University.

This presentation was the first public appearance for the new company. The message was all about the three Open Source Projects (GeoKettle and GeoMondrian) hosted at who originated at Laval University and their role in the Business Intelligence Open Source stack from Pentaho.

Article on GeoKettle and GeoMondrian in The Open Source Business Resource online journal

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The Open Source Business Resource ( online journal publishes this month an interesting special issue on Business Intelligence (BI). It includes a paper from the GeoSOA research group entitled “Enabling geospatial Business Intelligence” which provides details on what is geospatial BI and about the open source GeoBI software stack (GeoKettle and GeoMondrian) developed by the group.

A long version of the paper published in the OSBR journal can freely be downloaded here.