Current version: 1.0 // Licence:  EPL

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What is GeoMondrian :

GeoMondrian is an Open Source Spatial Online Analytical Processing Server, a spatially-enabled version of Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian). It has been released under the EPL.

GeoMondrian is the first implementation of a true SOLAP server. It provides a consistent integration of spatial objects into the OLAP data cube structure, instead of fetching them from a separate spatial database, web service or GIS file. To make a simple analogy, GeoMondrian brings to the Mondrian OLAP server what PostGIS brings to the PostgreSQL database management system. It implements a native geometry data type and provides spatial extensions to the MDX query language, allowing embedding spatial analysis capabilities into analytical queries.

These geospatial extensions to the MDX query language provide many more possibilities, such as:

  • in-line geometry constructors

  • member filters based on topological predicates

  • spatial calculated members and measures

  • calculations based on scalar attributes derived from spatial features

GeoMondrian only supports PostGIS based data warehouses.

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