GeoKettle – Open Source Spatial ETL

GeoKettle is a Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform (integration, data cleansing, data structure, “updating”, …) and Load) tool powered by Kettle. GeoKettle is a true and consistent integration of the spatial component where all steps provided by Kettle are able to deal with geospatial data types. Some geospatial dedicated steps have also been added.

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GeoMondrian – Open Source Spatial OLAP

GeoMondrian is a “spatially-enabled” version of Mondrian OLAP server (Pentaho Analysis Services). GeoMondrian provides a consistent integration of spatial objects into the OLAP data cube structure instead of fetching them from an separate Spatial DBMS, web service or a GIS file. GeoMondrian integrates the first spatial extensions to the MDX language adding spatial analysis capabilities to the analytical queries.

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