The Spatial Data Integration tool GeoKettle version 2.0 is out!

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GeoKettle version 2.0Here it is, the version 2.0 of GeoKettle is now available to download. (Link to the official press release from Spatialytics Solutions Inc.)

A major milestone

Today marks a new era for this Open Source Spatial ETL. There was the « before version 2.0 » and there will be the « after version 2.0 ». We can talk about the « before version 2.0 » in person if we have the occasion but lets talk « now version 2.0 ».

Know that GeoKettle, in addition to our efforts to develop the product itself, is a tool at the heart of all our consulting projects and custom developments since the creation of the company in August 2009. GeoKettle is an incredible tool to clarify, automate, accelerate, standardize and secure all processes requiring steps and jobs to extract, process and load alphanumeric data as well as geometric data. That’s a Spatial ETL.

GeoKettle, as its name suggests, is based on the widely used and robust generic ETL tool Kettle (aka Pentaho Data Integration or PDI) made « geo-capable » by integrating and leveraging the power of geospatial libraries such as of JTS, GeoTools, OGR, deegree and of course, brand new Spatialytics code.

What’s new in version 2.0?

I suggest you go read the Wiki page giving all the details on the new features.

In the coming weeks, a series of blog posts will further detail these new features, with examples and “how to” (step by step procedures).

Tools and means of support and communication

With this version full of new features. The methodology and the system are now in place to « release early, release often » and integrate, across multiple iterations, additions and improvements to the product. It is true that this version has taken a while to come, the old version has not “publicly” changed for years … but the wait was worth it. The sum of the improvements led us to mark the launch with our own version numbering, that’s version 2.0.

Visit the project home page to get an easy access to:

Download: GeoKettle version 2.0-RC1 is available now for download on SourceForge.

Quality: We have implemented a bug tracking system specifically for GeoKettle with access to source code, the history of activities and interventions, the “roadmap” (which remains to be fed) and of course, the monitoring the corrections status.

Support: A FORUM is now in place to support the “users” and “developers”.

Documentation: a WIKI a new Documentation Center is also in place to collect relevant information and documentation (FAQ, how-to, tips & tricks, …).

News: Of course, the blogs of Spatialytics.ORG and Spatialytics.COM websites can inform you about news and activities, same for the Spatialytics Twitter account (general) and the GeoKettle one (technical and specific). You can also subscribe to Spatialytics newsletters here.


For the lucky ones who will be at the OSGeo « Free and Open Source Software for GeoSpatial » (FOSS4G) 2011 in Denver the week of September 12, there will be a 4-hour workshop on Monday PM about « GeoKettle: A powerful spatial ETL tool for feeding your Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) » and a presentation Thursday about « GeoKettle, the open source spatial ETL tool : overview, new features and roadmap ». Everything on version 2.x will be covered.

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