Immediate release of stable version 2.0 of GeoKettle

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GeoKettle version 2.0Release of the stable verson of GeoKettle 2.0, now available for download.

This release brings some bug fixes and enhancements to some capabilities already provided in the 2.0-RC1 version of GeoKettle. In no particular order:

  • The interface of the CSW Output step has been deeply revised. It now makes the mapping between fields in the input stream and metadata fields easier.
  • MD_METADATA schema is now fully supported in the CSW Output step.
  • Geo-capable steps can now be retrieved easily by filling out the search field in the transformation toolbox with a geo keyword like geo, spatial or geospatial.
  • The encoding in Shapefile Input and Output steps is now properly saved and restored.
  • The behaviour of the Set SRS step is more consistent. A message now pops up to warn the user that a valid EPSG code is required. Step window is no more disposed.
  • Now, GeoKettle reads the first non empty layer in a GPX file which enables the reading of files in this format that store not only some points.

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