Immediate release of stable version 2.0 of GeoKettle

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GeoKettle version 2.0After several months since the last stable version of GeoKettle, many hours of development and testing work, a release candidate, Spatialytics is happy to announce the release of GeoKettle 2.0. This stable version is now available for download.

This release brings some bug fixes and enhancements to some capabilities already provided in the 2.0-RC1 version of GeoKettle. In no particular order:

  • The interface of the CSW Output step has been deeply revised. It now makes the mapping between fields in the input stream and metadata fields easier.
  • MD_METADATA schema is now fully supported in the CSW Output step.
  • Geo-capable steps can now be retrieved easily by filling out the search field in the transformation toolbox with a geo keyword like geo, spatial or geospatial.
  • The encoding in Shapefile Input and Output steps is now properly saved and restored.
  • The behaviour of the Set SRS step is more consistent. A message now pops up to warn the user that a valid EPSG code is required. Step window is no more disposed.
  • Now, GeoKettle reads the first non empty layer in a GPX file which enables the reading of files in this format that store not only some points.

Check out the change log for the full list of changes performed to GeoKettle since the last RC release.

Thanks to everyone and especially folks at Atol CD in France who tested the RC1 version and hence helped us in releasing this stable version in a short delay. Be sure to report any new issues or feature requests in the bug/issue tracking system. Do not hesitate also to post any questions about the usage of GeoKettle on the forum.

Thanks for using GeoKettle!

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