GeoMondrian 1.0 is available for download

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GeoMondrian 1.0Release of GeoMondrian 1.0.

GeoMondrian is an open source Spatial OnLine Analytical Processing (Spatial OLAP or SOLAP) server, a spatially-enabled version of Pentaho Analysis Services (aka. Mondrian).

It adds to Mondrian a Geometry data type, enabling storage of member properties and measures containing vector geometries (points, lines, polygons) natively within the data cubes. Some MDX functions supporting this data type are also provided. They allow to add spatial analysis capabilities to the analytical queries, and hence to produce true geo-analytical queries. Geometry objects are handled using the JTS library. At present, only PostgreSQL with the PostGIS spatial extension is supported as a data source for Geometry values but other spatial DBMS should be supported soon.

GeoMondrian provides then a consistent integration of spatial objects into the OLAP data cube structure, instead of fetching them from an external spatial DBMS, web service or a GIS file. To summarize, GeoMondrian brings to the Mondrian OLAP server what PostGIS brings to the PostgreSQL DBMS, i.e. a consistent and powerful storage and querying for geospatial data!

GeoMondrian is released under the terms of the EPL 1.0 licence.

Bug fixes, enhancements and new features:

  • The schema workbench is now available and fully supports the design of Spatial OLAP data cubes
  • The addition of new Geo/Spatial MDX functions like ST_Centroid and ST_Transform. The first one computes the centroid of a Geometry while the second enables on the fly coordinates transformation in order to make the computation of calculated measures or members easier.
  • The addition of a free sample spatial datawarehouse ready to be loaded in a PostgreSQL/PostGIS instance
  • The design of a new quickstart page which includes direct links to some demos based on this spatial datawarehouse. They demonstrate some Spatial/Geo MDX capabilities brought by GeoMondrian.
  • Together with these samples, a documentation page has been set up on the wiki. It is a work in progress but you will find shortly further documentation in order to learn how to build and query SOLAP data cubes.
  • The packaging of an easy to install binary distribution and a more efficient procedure for developers to build the project and the schema workbench.

Binary and easy to install versions can be downloaded from the GeoMondrian download page.

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