An ETL with Spatial powers

GeoKettle is the resulting Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool after injecting capabilities to handle geographic data types in the well-known OS Data Integration software Kettle.
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An OLAP server handling GEO

GeoMondrian is a true Spatial Online Analytical Processing (SOLAP) Server, handling geometries in cubes like any other data dimension, reinforcing the OS OLAP Server Mondrian.
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Enterprise solutions

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Release of @GeoKettle version 2.5 @SpatialETL #SpatialETL #GK25

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GeoKettle Version 2.5

Immediate release of GeoKettle 2.5, the Community Edition of its Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool. Dedicated to operational and analytical geospatial data integration, this latest version provide users with a tool that is even more powerful, more scalable, faster, and aligned with industry standards.

GeoKettle 2.5’s new features include:

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GeoMondrian 1.0 is available for download

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GeoMondrian 1.0Release of GeoMondrian 1.0.

GeoMondrian is an open source Spatial OnLine Analytical Processing (Spatial OLAP or SOLAP) server, a spatially-enabled version of Pentaho Analysis Services (aka. Mondrian). Read More

Immediate release of stable version 2.0 of GeoKettle

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GeoKettle version 2.0Release of the stable verson of GeoKettle 2.0, now available for download.

This release brings some bug fixes and enhancements to some capabilities already provided in the 2.0-RC1 version of GeoKettle. In no particular order: Read More

How to create and use a job/transformation repository in GeoKettle?

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With the release of GeoKettle 2.0-RC1, various tools (wiki, trac, forum, …) have been set up and made available for supporting the community interested in open source projects hosted on

This first post deals with the creation and usage of a job/transformation repository. It is a very powerful and exclusive but not so known feature of GeoKettle. A repository in GeoKettle lets you create a common workspace where to share jobs and transformations between different users across your organization. It is a practical way for some users to collaboratively work on a data integration process and to keep track of changes on the jobs and transformations during time. As it allows the centralisation of jobs and transformations in a shared repository, it avoids having different versions of a same transformation on various computers, which often results in the users finally do not know anymore what is the right and up-to-date version of the transformation.

To know more and especially how to create and use such a job/transformation repository in GeoKettle, please visit the associated documentation page on the wiki.

The Spatial Data Integration tool GeoKettle version 2.0 is out!

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GeoKettle version 2.0Here is the version 2.0 of GeoKettle, now available to download.

What’s new in version 2.0?

I suggest you go read the Wiki page giving all the details on the new features.

Visit the project home page to get an easy access to:

Download: GeoKettle version 2.0-RC1 is available now for download on SourceForge.

Quality: We have implemented a bug tracking system specifically for GeoKettle with access to source code, the history of activities and interventions, the “roadmap” (which remains to be fed) and of course, the monitoring the corrections status.

Support: A FORUM is now in place to support the “users” and “developers”.

Documentation: a new Documentation Center is also in place to collect relevant information and documentation.